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Color Me Picard

Super Heroes are coming back soon. IN the meantime, I'm praticing my color techniques.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Universe Z History

April 14th, 1912

The cold winds were gliding off the hull of the massive ship. The sky was clear but the moon was hidden from view. Mina leaned on the railing; watching the water dance off the hull. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The cold air burned her lungs but she enjoyed the sensation. It reminded of her of so many things. “Mina.” Atator said behind her.

The blue haired woman turned to see the majestic form of her father. She departed from the railing, allowing her white cloak to flow in the wind. The Ancient walked up to her father and kissed him on the cheek. “Lovely view, eh?” he beamed.

“It is beautiful father.” Mina smiled, “Thank you for convincing me to come on the maiden voyage of this magnificent ship.”

“You needed an escape.” He said, rubbing her soft hair, “I don’t ever expect you to forget Malick but the pain will lessen in time.”

“I wish . . . .I wish I’d gotten use to it by now.” She sighed, pushing her cloak over her head.

“Loss is something we must always experience. We can’t grow numb to it but we can’t let it affect us either. Because no matter what we do, loss will still find us.”

“Lord Atator!” someone called behind him.

The Superior being turned and smiled at the companions he had met earlier in the voyage. “Ah, there you are, John,” he chuckled, “Enjoy your cigar.”

“Indeed, sir. I’m sad you did not join us.” He replied, shaking his hand.

“I was there when cigars were invented. The allure was lost long ago.” He joked.

“I’m certain there are many fantastic tales you could tell us,” John’s wife Marian cooed toward the Ancient warrior.

“Most of it is in the history books.” Mina giggled, “Everything you would need to know would be right there.”

“Oh, Lady Mina,” John laughed, sending a puff of frozen air into the night sky, “I’m sure there are a few stories you have that might not be in the history books.”

“Truly,” Atator grinned, “Perhaps a walk on the forward deck and we may yet share a tale or two.”

The Ancient walked with the humans up the long corridor toward the forward deck. The massive vessel had been flanked with several chairs, tables and even several long rows of lifeboats. Some patrons of the great ship were out in the cold air; smoking or having drinks. As they walked along they got toward the forward section. Atator then located Jason Stone; one of his trusted men since the arrival of the Sky Lord. The warrior was talking with a thin man in a gray coat; frantically writing down something in a notepad. “Stone.” Atator called to him.

“Yes, sir.” The warrior quickly responded; walking toward him with the thin man in tow.

Atator stood to the side and pointed at the humans who accompanied him. “Stone, I’d like you to meet John Barland Thayer and his wife Marian.” He said.

“It’s a pleasure.” The muscle-tone man smiled, as he shook the businessman’s hand.

“Jason Stone.” John whispered in disbelief, “Never in my life would I have believed I’d meet the man who avenged Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, Arizona.”

“Wyatt was a good man. I was only trying to do right by him.” The immortal bowed.

“Uh . . .uh . . .” the thin man nudged Stone.

“Oh!” the Ancient laughed, “I’m sorry, guys. This is William Stead. He’s a journalist on board for the maiden voyage. He was interviewing me.”

“Atator, it’s my greatest honor to meet you.” The reporter shook his head.

“The honor is mine.” The bearded immortal replied, “How has your journey been thus far?”

“Majestic and now that you are here, a life time’s achievement.” He stammered with childhood glee.

“It’s just a simple question, William.” Stone said, briefly looking out into the massive ocean, “I doubt it would qualify as a lifetimes’ achievement.”

“But that’s where you’re wrong, Mr. Stone. Our readers would be fascinated by the response from people who are God-like.”

“Mr. Stead . . . .” Atator glared at him, and crossed his arms, “I would appreciate it if you would not refer to us in that manner.”

The thin man was taken back by the immortal glaring at him in mild anger. The journalist had forgotten that the Ancients were there when Jesus had begun Christian religion. They followed him and defended him until his crucifixion. They don’t like being referred to as “Gods”. They are just superior human beings. “I’m so sorry, Atator.” The thin man bowed, “Forgive me if I overstepped my bounds.”

“You have. You are forgiven, Mr. Stead but I’m sorry if I’m upset. After all we’ve done for humanity; I would have thought you’d treat us with less worship than the Lord Almighty.”

“Father, it’s still a lovely evening.” Mina interrupted, “Please . . .just let it go and don’t spoil the good moods.”

Atator sighed and bowed. John coughed a bit then pointed at the journalist. “Uh ., Stead, what was the question you wanted to give to the Ancients here?” he said, eager to change the subject.

Stead coughed a bit and then pulled out his notepad. He half didn’t want to answer the question after Atator’s scolding. Stone looked at him, then outward toward the ocean then back at him. Mina blinked; wondering why her friend was constantly glancing out into the black ocean. “Well . . .” he whispered, “I wanting to ask why you were on this ship?”

“That’s it?” Stone chuckled, “that’s your Earth shattering question?”

“Well, allow to rephrase . . . .you are the Ancients. You could have flown from England to New York in less time to board this ship. Yet you are here . . .with us and I have to ask, why humble us with your presence?”

“I think I understand his question.” Mina said, looking at Stone with her soft blue eyes, “Jason? If I may?”

“Oh, by all means.” He grinned.

“Mr. Stead, there is no easy way to say this but . . . .you’re going to die. Eventually. Probably at a ripe old age.” The immortal told him.

“I’d like to hope so, madam.” He agreed.

“Since because you’re going to face the inevitable, everything is beautiful to you. The sunrise, the rainstorm, the taste of a good steak, the feel of satin sheets. But to us, we’ve experienced all those things. Time and time again.”

“Miss Mina, I’ve . . . .never been able to comprehend that.” John said, as he looked at her, “Things we’ve taken for granted . . . .those are common for you. You find it difficult to see the joy in the grand things because . . . .you’ve already experienced something grander.”

“Which is why being on a magnificent ship on her maiden voyage would entice us to board it.” She smiled warmly.

“Yes, things that are . . . unique . . .things that are one of a kind, that’s we . . . Ancients look out . .WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT ICE BERG??” Jason said, finally fixating his gaze on the ocean.

The group then saw what he had been periodically staring at throughout the conversation. Off the bow of the massive ship was an even bigger iceberg. The giant ice formation was drifting toward them ever so carefree. Atator looked at the obstruction and then back up to the main deck. He looked at the helm with a bit of confusion. “Why aren’t they turning?” he asked.

“It’s going to hit us in a few minutes.” Jason told his friends.

Atator waved to the men up the helm and they were frantically waving back. He could see it in their eyes they spotted the iceberg too late. The bearded immortal turned around. The ship was doing it’s best to veer off. The iceberg was getting closer to the point where they could feel the cold air getting colder because of it. “IT’S GOING TO HIT US!” Marian exclaimed.

Atator then quickly held out his hands. A massive swirl of wind and energy began to erupt from them. The humans by his side sent out a collective round of pants and shouts as the iceberg began to rise. The massive block of ice began to pull itself out of the water and into the air. Atator gritted his teeth as it started to hover too close. Marian screamed as a large chuck of ice destroyed a section of the railing. “JASON!” Atator screamed.

The loyal warrior made a leap into the air and then soared high above them. Atator grunted as the massive block of ice was above them. Mina knew that Jason was about to destroy the ice boulder. The female immortal gently pushed the humans back a little ways. The cold water rained down on the deck from the iceberg hovering above. Jason began to surge the power within him. Then he shoved his hands outward; expelling a massive amount of force from his hands and eyes. The shockwave struck the iceberg and shattered into it a million little ice cubes. The humans screamed down below. Main then waved her hand toward the debris. A transparent light blue barrier appeared above, easily deflecting the ice particles to the side.

Jason then soared down and landed on the deck with ease. He slapped his hands together, as if he was a construction worker who was going home for the day. Stead stared at him in shock. He had always heard of the powers of Superiors. It was another thing to witness it entirely. Atator patted his loyal soldier on the arm; a job well done. Mina turned toward her human companions. “Are you all right?” she asked.

“Yes . . .yes, we’re fine.” Marian laughed hysterically.

“Atator, that was ASTOUNDING!” John screamed in delight.

“It was nothing really. I’m glad we caught it in time.” The immortal then turned toward the captain as he ran toward them, “Captain Smith, perhaps you should inform Mr. Andrews his ship is intact.”

“We got some mining railing damage over there but nothing that can’t be fixed.” Jason pointed out.

“Indeed. Better than a sunken ship, I dare say.”

“Fear not, Captain,” Mina smiled, “On our watch, we could never let a great ship like the Titanic sink”

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Illustration Friday: Talisman

Hero: Dr. Graveyard

Story= Dr. Bob Kensington had been an archelogist his whole life. He was particularly interested in demonology and mystical weapons. On a grave digging expedition to whom he thought was a possible druid mystic, he found a parchment inside the casket; revealing the impossible. He had found the body of the greatst wizard of legend, Merlin. The parchment also reveal to Kensington that inside was the famed TALISMAN OF GALAHAD. The weapon was a gift from Merlin to the knight, which had the ability to banish monsters, demons and other creatures to the far distance realm of Limbo.

Kensington had no choice but to use it, as it seemed the moment he brought the Talisman into light; monsters began to attack him. All he had to do was hold it up and the weapon did the rest. He felt he had a responsibilty to the world to make sure the weapno was used probably, ridding the world of the creature and villains that plague it.

Since his superhero career began in a graveyard, he felt it was appropiate for a superhero.

Bob Kensington became Dr. Graveyard, monster hunter.

Villains: Dead Bang and Moxie

Dead Bang was a hired Superior for the Gratnetti family. For several years he guarded the Don and his son. It was until Don Gratnetti desided to star hiring other Superiors. One of those was the super strong lovely Moxie. The Don took a special liking to her, as did Dead Bang. Most of the affections she gave to Gratnetti were just for show but it was Dead Bang she loved.

When the Don found out about her true feelings, He ordered his remaining Superiors to kill both Dead Bang and Moxie. One brute, Hotwall, felt a long standing freindship with Deadbang. He told him ahead of time what the Don was planning to do. The Superior found the Don in his pool and muderered him; taking Moxie on the run.

The duo have been called the "Bonnie and Clyde" of the Superiors. They don't struggle for world power or even fight super heroes for the hell of it. They enjoy robbing banks and look forward to getting 50 million to retire on.

But it won't be easy with the heroes after them, as well as the son of Don Gratnetti.

Hero: Baten

The mad scientist Dr. Eclipse had been making cyborgs and various monstrosities since the fifties. His last series of walking weapons were the BA series or "Bad Ass". He designed these killing machines to withstand most forms of punishment. He was having difficulty finalizing the cyborg; making it difficult to maintain his configuratio of all known forms of combat, martial arts and every known method to kill someone.

He tried his ninth model, known as BA-9. He sent it on a killing spree in a shopping mall, killing 38 innocent men, women and children. Dr. Eclipse's assitant Emily Costa didn't know he was going to take it that far BA-9 was destroyed by the Justice Lords before Eclipse could ever retrieve it. As he began work on BA-10, Emily programed something into the cyborg that the mad scientist wasn't expecting; Emotions.

When BA-10 was brought online, Eclipse could see he was acting strange. When he told him what he was going to be doing, The cyborg responded by snapping his master's neck. Emily explained the cyborg why she program him to feel regret, remorse and retribution. She told him what the doctor had done and how she regretting not being strong enough to stop him until now. Ba-10 agreed; they had a lot to make up for.

BA-10 began to find all the monstrosities his master had created for other villains, and destroy them, with Emily by his side to keep him functioning. BA-10 became well known in the super hero community and it was Mina's suggestion he create himself a name based up his designation.

From that day forth, he was known as Baten.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Character Profile: The Ancients

The year was 211 BC. Across the world, twenty people were having a special dream. A dream that told them they needed to go to a far away land. They saw a vision of a man with a staff and an intricate cloak. He held out his hand and it was glowing with a white light. They had this vision over and over, telling them where to go. These twenty embarked on their journey. They came from all walks of life. A noble rancher and his daughter from the hills of Scotland. A weakling slave; escaped from his masters in Greece. A violent barbarian from the hills of Russia. A monk from the coast of Japan. A hunter from the plains of Africa. A soldier from the streets of Rome. All across the globe they had come and all had the same dream.

Twenty days and twenty nights past, they arrived on the vast mesa. They didn't know where they were but they knew they were in the right place. Each of the twenty people didn't know each other and yet, they all knew they shared the same dream. With the eruption of lightning, the One they sought after had arrived. Some say he stood six feet tall; others say it was nine feet. He spoke to them in a bellowing voice, saying they were chosen to shape the world into something extraordinary. Most of them were afraid of him. All except one, who spoke to him first. The roaming scottish rancher known as Atator.

He didn't know the name of his all powerful benefactor, so he simply dubbed him "The Sky Lord." He asked them why they chosen. The Sky Lord said because they were the only ones worthy. He even informed Atator that he would be the one that they would follow. The rancher wasn't expecting this. He informed the stranger that he didn't want the power. The Sky Lord replied with saying, that's precisely why he was chosen. He would be the one to temper wisdom and avoid corruption.

The Sky Lord then informed them all that with the power came a price; immortality. For some, it was everything they wished. For others, they weren't inclined to live forever. Atator looked at his young daughter and knew, she would live forever with him. He still refused the power but the Sky Lord decreed that if Atator did not accept the power, no one would. Several of the twenty yelled at him, bullying him and even threatening his daughter to make sure they got their share of power. Three of the twenty defending the little girl immediately. Atator knew at that point he had to take the power. To control the destiny of the world to become. Atator accepted the power and was the first of the Ancients.

Once every one accepted their power, the Sky Lord told them their destinys. Then he disapeared into another thunder clap, never heard from again. Most of the Ancients went back to their corners of the world to fufil their fate decreed by the poweful stranger baring their gifts. Atator felt he had to wait for his destiny to reveal himself. He had to get his daughter home, vowing to be with his son and wife until they would grow old.

The world would begin and history would unfold while the Ancients stood by to either help or hinder.

Character Profile: Atator

Born a simple rancher in the hills of Scotland, Atator was one of twenty to have a dream of meeting a powerful being in a far distance land on a mesa with no rocks or structures. The working man was amazed when his daughter finally had the courage to reveal to him she had the same dream. Atator knew at that moment he had to make the journey and bring his daughter Mina.

Atator and his daughter arrived to meet the Sky Lord; granting him and the 19 others power beyond mortal understandings. Atator spoke to the being, saying he wasn't worthy of the power. The Sky Lord begged to differ. He spoke to Atator of the power, his ability to lead and the fact that he was going to be immortal, as would his daughter. The rancher still refused the power but the Sky Lord threatened that if he didn't want the power; no one would have it. Others threatened his daughter if he didn't get the power, simply because they wanted it. It wasn't the power that scared him; it was the immortality. He had no interest in outliving his family. "My wife? My son?" he asked the Sky Lord.

"I did not summon them. Only you and Mina." the being replied, putting the matter to rest.

"Am I truely worthy, Sky Lord?" Atator asked.

"You would not be here if you were not." the being replied again.

The others called for his head and almost attacked his daugther. Three of the strangers defended him. After being near bullied into the power, Atator took it. The side effect was his eyes became completely white. The Sky Lord noted that he was the only one who had a relation in the group, the power must be past from parent to child. Atator took the power and pushed it into Mina. She was granted the magnificant power and her side effect was her hair turning a soft blue.

After everybody recieved their power, the Sky Lord vanished. Atator threatened the barbarian who would later be known as Red Hand to go back to his village and never see him again. The Psychotic tried to attack him but Atator propelled him back with a massive amount of clear force. Red Hand survived the attack but the remaining group was stunned. Within a few minutes, Atator had done something they could not.

He already mastered his powers.

After the expelling of Red Hand, Atator started to go his own way back to his village. Several of them asked to join him and knowing he would have to lead them, he made them pledge loyalty to both him and his daughter before he would agree. They had sworn.

Of the twenty that were give powers, Nine chose to follow Atator.

Character Profile: Mina Alexa

Most children at the tender age of 11 never expect to be granted power beyond belief. Mina was fortunate that she would have her father to guide her.

She stood with him that day while the Sky Lord handed him the energeric power and Atator gave it to her. Her hair was turned into a soft blue. She enjoyed it and thought it was pretty. Most everybody else who was not there with her that day thought otherwise. She was mauled by a crowd of fearful peasants. Mina then wanted them all to get off of her. When she wished such a thing, a wall of unseen force shot them all back. The peasants knew that day she wasn't a little girl anymore; she was Superior.

Mina saw that she accidentally hurt one of her childhood friends who was attacking her. She rushed over to him and laid on him; crying that she wanted him to be better. Once she wished that, her hands began to glow and his wounds were healed. The people of the village were still fearful of her that day but her childhood friend was the first of many converts to come. He stayed with Mina and learned about the Ancients. Mina was him when old age finally took him. She remembers him fondly to this day.

Mina grew to womanhood as the Sky Lord predicted she would. Even though she would be immortal, she would always look a beautiful 30 years old. Following the guidance of her father, Mina felt it was her destiny to protect and aide mankind. She knew her name "Mina" meant "Love." She adopted her own unique last name of "Alexa", meaning "Man's Protector." She would uphold her personal vow of "love and protect mankind" for years to come.

Mina would leave her mark on history along side her father for many hundreds of years to come. She stood with him against the Roman soldiers as they defended Jesus from persecution to helping St. Patrick return to Ireland to painting with Michealangelo to helping defending Tesla against Edison.

Mina lost her taste for war during WWII when Hilter found the staff of the Sky Lord and removed her father's powers; then killing him. After getting her vengence, the Lords of Justice was disbanded by president Roosevelt. It would be nearly 30 years before Mina would reform a group of Superiors to fight for justice and the freedom of mankind.

Character Profile: Jason Stone

The lowly barbarian known as only as Stone was given the vision of the twenty ancients. He met with all of them that day on the mesa and was given the power by the Sky Lord. He asked what his destiny would be, now that he was given power beyond mortal men. The Sky Lord simply told him, "His destiny was loyalty and his purpose was to serve a cause greater than himself."

When Atator showed that he already knew more about their powers than any of them, Stone realized that was what the Sky Lord. It was his destiny to be loyal to Atator. Stone would then follow him throughout the years with complete loyalty. Before joining him, as did eight others, they swore alliegance to Atator and Mina.

It would be several years before Stone had a conversation with Atator about his name. The wise leader told him it would be prudent to be remembered as something "other than a rock." Stone woudl then adopt the first name of Jason; after a preist he befriended during his time in Rome. Jason's greatest quest when he would take his band of Superiors, known as the Argonauts, and quest after a fabled Golden Fleece.

Jason would become one of Atator's trusted lieutenants in his group called The Lords of Justice. They went on to such famous events as defending the christians against Decius and the gothic invasion of 252 A.D., standing by Charlemagne when he took power in Europe, helped form the first Knights in 912 A.D., and assited many Superior immigrants with helping to build New York City.

Probably his most famous historical moment is the Shoot Out at the OK Corral. Jason and his friend Zack Shock were joined by Doc Holiday and the last surviving Earp brother Morgan to finally bring peace and justice to the town of Tombstone. Jason had to help Holiday and Morgan to avenge the death of their brother Wyatt in Dodge City when he was electrocuted by the super villain Thunderclap.

Jason Stone is still a valued Lieutenant in Mina's Justice Lords. He is one of six Ancients left.

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Villains: The Evil Alliance

(From Left to Right = Silverwolf, Bladeghost, Bobby Apollo, Dr. Disastros, Icky Thump, Captain Strike, Dark Ghoul, and Horror Girl)

Dr. William Hayes became a brilliant scientist at an early age. He was expelled from the scientific community for wanting to experiment on humans. He was certain he could enhance super strength in humans. Unable to find any willing subjects, he tested it on himself. He was sucessfull but there was a side effect; manical behavior. Hayes slew all the scientists who said it couldn't be done with his bare hands. After he was able to calm down, he knew what he had become but still offered no regrets. It was then Hayes became Dr. Disastros and formed the Evil Alliance.

Silverwolf -- A Superior who was infected with a werewolf virus. He sparked at the same time he was biten and gave him strange side effects; he kept his intelligence and had a unique immunity to silver.

Bladeghost -- Paul Reed was an average security guard at the Smithsonian. Until he had to handle delievery of the fabled Necros Blade. What he didn't know is the blade contained the spirit of the warlord Treconda that the great Atator killed so long ago. Once he touched the blade, Treconda had taken over Paul Reed and Bladeghost was born.

Bobby Apollo -- Bobby was on his way to becoming a gangster. During a firefight with a rival gang, he found he had a unique gift; a healing factor. He took the name Bobby Apollo after he survived the assault and later, he realized he could have higher goals to be a super villain. Dr. Disastros was eager to hire him.

Icky Thump --- Dr. Disastros helped out the wizard Demonius with the Super Force Five. As a symbol of his gratitude, Demonius summoned a little goblin in a bunny outfit for him a pet. Disatros allowed Bobby to name the creature and he chose, Icky Thump, after his favorite White Stripes song. It amuses Disastros to see the little goblin attack his enemies like a wild wolverine.

Captain Strike --- Captain Jon Valentine earned a reputation a cold blood killer. When started to execute civilians in foreign countries, he was dishonorably discharged. When he got work as a mercenary, he was trapped by american forces. He wanted out desperately and that thought activated his super gene. He teleported to saftey. He continued his mercenary work, making it easier with his powers. Dr. Disastros was so pleased with his resume, he made him second in command of the Evil Alliance.

Dark Ghoul --- There is nothing magical about the Ghoul's powers. He can shoot a forcebolt from his right hand and a paralyzing bolt from his left. He was a punk who believed in the "dark forces". His low self esteem problem made him easily maniuplated by Disastros.

Horror Girl --- Jane was a former mental patient and Bobby's twin sister. She says his healing factor power. Bobby broke her out of the hospital, allowing her to work in the Evil Alliance. She's been a fan of horror movies, especially the blood letting. She even dressed up as her favorite villian, Freddy Kruegar. Due to her love of inflicting pain, it was no surprise she formed a relationship with Captain Strike.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heroes: Hawk Trask and the Unstoppables

(from left to right = Shock-Jack, The Bombadeer, Mercy Mercury, Hawk Trask, Shade Specter, Six Gun Sally, Deacon and Buddy)

FBI agent Hawk Trask joined the narcotics division 10 years ago. It's been his job to bring to justice crime Lord Antonio Bentelli. Bentelli had been experimenting with designer drugs and created such addictive chemicals as Nether-Blue and Will O'Wisp. Finally catching a break, Trask and his group set out to finally put an end to this crime lord. When they arrived, they were facing a problem they weren't expecting. Bentelli had employed Superiors.

After the assault, Trask was only one out of three men who lived. His back was broken by the super villain Cobra Fist. Spending the next two years learning to walk again, Trask set out to make things right for him and his fallen men. FBI officals granted him a special organization. The Lakewood Act was lifted and Trask would be doing what no one had done since the Carter Adminstration; a human leading a squad of Superiors.

They are:
The Bombadeer --- superhero who watched his younger brother overdose on Nether-Blue. The Government contacted him about the division and he agreed to join before they ever finished explaining.

Shock Jack --- Young superhero and teen throb; he made the mistake of getting caught with a married woman. To regain his reputation, he joined the divison to help fight the druglords. At first it was all about becoming a hero again; now he sees first hand that he can't stop the good fight now.

Mercy Mercury --- Mercy followed in the footsteps of her superhero father Volcanus. She didn't want to be just fighting villains; she wanted to make a difference. So she joined Trask's group.

The Shade Spector --- Little is known about the shadow creature. Nor why he turned on his master The Anarchist. Special FBI scientists believe the creature could no longer abide the mass murder the villain was famous for. Able to solidfy and exist as smoke, the creature needed a strong willed person to tell it what to do. That man was Hawk Trask.

Six Gun Sally --- Growing up in Texas, Sally mutated and found she had hollow bones. It allowed her to move faster and more accurate than other people. Her father taught her to use guns, because he was a hollywood quick-draw specialist. Sally decided to be a superhero. However, in a fire-fight with some villains, she made a mistake and killed a cop. After serving four years for manslaughter, the FBI offered a position with Trask's group.

Deacon --- Deacon is a sythehuman; from Horrorsmith's factories. The government rescued him and kept him secure from all humanity. When the time came to offer him a role in the division, Deacon asked them for one thing; full rights and citizenship in the United States. The FBI agreed.

Buddy --- Buddy's true name can't be prounced. The FBI gave him that name when they needed something to call him. The alien is an advanced telekinetic; something the humans haven't had a in a long time. Buddy was a former slave to the Hetconian Empire that came to take over Earth in the Alien Army War of the mid-80's. After being freed by the superheroes, Buddy was taken into Bureau custody. Like Deacon, his price for joining Trask's group was full citizenship in the United States.

The Unstoppables obtained their name from a local newspaper describing them after their fourth successful drug raid.

Villain: Devil Girl

Southern Californian Pauline Crest was working hard to becoming Miss Universe. She did everything she thought she needed to in regards to her beauty and her intelligence. Much to her dismay, she was not chosen. Back stage in a fit of rage, her powers activated. Fire began to display on her hands and then shot out like flame throwers. She burned the stadium to the ground; accidently killing three people.

Pauline fled back to her home, wondering what to do. The nightly news told her the police were looking for her. She then immediately thought she should flee the country but she had an unexpected arrival that night. She never knew she would find sympathy in her old school friend Jane Schaffer, but it was mostly because she had become famed villain Honey Bee. Honey Bee told her to emprace her destiny; not run away from it.

Pauline then took up the name Devil Girl. Honey Bee even helped her out; giving her the power of flight thanks to her wand of power. Devil Girl then in effect became Honey Bee's muscle; watching her back while they stole various priceless objects. Occasionally they work solo but mostly they are partners in crime.

Contrary to popular believe, Devil Dog doesn't have any powers. He's just Devil Girl's favorite dog who she loves so much; she decided to take him with her while she destroyed things.

Hero: Red Victory

Moving from Russia at the age of 17, Greg Romanov made it to St. Sebastian City. He doesn't recall the actual circumstances but he believes being in close proxmitiy with other Superiors causes his natural super-gene to activate.

His powers included Flight, super strength and force bolts. His unique power is the ability to open a brightly colored red "wormhole" from one point to another. The only downside is that it drains him physically. He only does it as an emergency or a last minute escape tactic.

Greg took the name Red Victory to pay homage to his homeland.

Universe Z: 1977

This was Mina's costume during the late seventies and well into the mid-80's. She decided she needed something free flowing and stylish with the times. It allowed her to reform the Lords of Justice into the Justice Lords.

Costume by designer extraordinare Jerry Gonzalez.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hero: Mr. Monstro

Ray Sanchez was already Mr. Monstro; famed Mexican Luchador. One day while helping his father tend cattle, a meteor fell out of the sky and landed near him. It wasn't enough to cause any severe damage; all it did was frighten the cattle. It was the radiation inside that effected Ray and activated his dormant super gene.

Mutating with orange skin and spikes from one shoulder, Ray truely became Mr. Monstro. Donning a new mask to hide his features, he was not feared in the mexican and latino communities; he was praised. Fighting supervillains, aliens and ghosts, Mr. Monstro became a legend in Mexico and California.

Villains: John Halloween and Bill Congo

The two creatures known as John Halloween and Bill Congo were one of the many first successful attempts from the Horrorsmith. He created them in 1964. Whatever process he used granted them long lives. Halloween and Congo also became the first sentients to lose interest in the Horrorsmith's grand design. They went out on their own.

Most of what they do is low rent muscle for the Mob but when the cash flow is low for them, Halloween and Congo rob banks. They are wanted in connection to at least 18 known robberies in America.

Hero: Hammerlock

One of the most trusted lieutenants in the Justice Lords, Hammerlock has been a superhero for longer than most. He stopped such famous villains as Chemical Man and the Murder Master. He joined Mina's Justice Lords after they all fought beside each other in the Alien Army War.

His powers came to him by natural means; activating one hot August night while he slept. He gained the ability to flight, class 7 super strength and force blasts capable of blowing large holes in walls and easily blowing up cars.

Hammerlock took his name from the company his father tried to get off the ground before he had to file bankruptcy. He didn't become a superhero for wealth or glory. He did it because it's what his father would have wanted him to do.

Villain: Honey Bee

Jane Shaffer was a down on her luck So-Cal Princess who got kicked out her rich family home because of her ability to spend her family's money faster than they ever could.

As she was able to find a new apartment, she began to explore the stuff left behind by the previous tenant. Little did she know, one of the boxes contained one of the fabeled 47 Wands of Power; transforming her into what she could call herself; Honey Bee.

The wand she possessed once belowed to the famous villain Queen Bee. Like her, Honey Bee now possessed her powers. Flight, class 7 super strength and the most important power; subjication through phermones. Honey Bee can pretty much make any man fall in love with her and do what she says. She's been thrawted in her attempts to steal money, jewlery and other things she wants by the female superhumans of the world.

Honey Bee has not killed anyone but she is wanted in connection for several dozen robberies.

Heroes: The Brotherhood of the First

(From Left to Right = Samuel Morningstar, Cameron Black, and Gabriel Raiz)

Atator, first of the Ancients, formed the Brotherhood of the First shortly after the Crusades. As many years past, the Brotherhood became a governing body in England. Much in the country's prosperty didn't go on without their say so. Their job was to protect the people from otherworldly and super villain threats. Many of these Knights were superhuman human; others were magicians and even some were just humans but believed in Atator and the code of the Brotherhood.

Many years went on; the Brotherhood embraced science and technology; allowing them to improve their abilities to see everything that needed to be seen. To continue their ideals to protect mankind.

The Brotherhood of the First's numbers excell into the thousands, with branches from Japan to America. The American Station is run by three men; Morningstar, Black and Raiz. Those are not their real names; when one joins the Brotherhood, the first thing they do is choose a new name for themselves, thus leaving their old lives behind in the service of mankind.

Morningstar as the ability to phase through solid matter and has only been a First Knight for three years. Black is a powerful energy manipulator. He adhears to the code of the Brotherhood but secretly wishes to punish the evil of the world more severely. The leader of the American chapter of the Brotherhood is Gabriel Raiz. Raiz is an expert marital artist and his only power is visions of the future that appear to him in dreams. He's improved his standing in the order by taking on magic spells; taught him him by none other than Mina Alex herself.

Villain: The Horrorsmith

Little is known about the Horrorsmith except for the monstrosities he unleashs on the world and in particular; St. Sebastian City.

There are some who say that the Horrorsmith is one of the fabeled Ancients; driven mad by immortality. Others say that he's the legendary Igor; faithful servant to Dr. Frankenstien and parleyed what he knew from his master into his own creations. Then others say he was just a brillaint scientist who had the notion he could play God with combining Animal DNA with Human DNA; creating all sorts of monsters and beasts.

Children call him boogeyman. Superheroes call him the enemy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heroes: The Honor Guard

(Left to right) = JackRabbit, Liberty, Rock Fighter, and Mandroid

It was a fateful day at Bryce Labs, when the Horrorsmith broke and took a large assortment of dangerous chemical. His minions attacked any and all in his way. Two of those men were scientists Hershel Boyer and his friend Kyle Murray. Boyer was thrown into a rack containing a tremendous amount of experimental formulas, mostly of his own design. It it unknown what chemicals affected him but Boyer's skin mutated to the point where contact by most forms of light caused his skin to welp and burn; even during long durations, catch fire.

His friend Kyle was even worse. He tried to stop the creature know as Behemonth but the beast replied to the man's courage by throwing him threw a concrete wall. The scientist was alive but the majority of his limps were crushed in the impact. The limps didn't matter any more becaus Kyle's spine was shattered in several places.

Boyer decided to use his intelligence to help his situation. He built a suit that was able to counteract the effects of the mutation, allowing his skin to be exposed and not be harmed. He even augmented the suit, giving him quite a leaping ability. He then placed fake ears over his hood and called himself JackRabbit. None of the villains ever take him seriously and that's how he beats them.

JackRabbit helped his friend by building him a cyborg, robot suit. Kyle was then transformed into the Mandroid.

Seeing how he could easily become a superhero and help the world, JackRabbit enlisted the aide of his daughter Sandy and his nephew Matthew Nash. Using his specific formula, JackRabbit allowed his daughter and his nephew to drink from the human-enhancing syrum. It was designed to active the "super-gene" existing in all humans.

For Sandy, her body changed and gave her class 9 super strength. Always wanting to help her country in the political arena, she decided to take a more active approach, fighting super villains. But always with the love of America, she made a costume appropiate to her beliefs and chose the name Liberty.

Matthew found his powers to take another unique turn. He fought he was able to controls rock formations on the molecular level. Causing Rocks to hover and to form shields around him, he became a formidable super hero. Fighting along his family, he took the name Rock Fighter.

Roy The Super Pig says . . . . .


Monday, March 16, 2009

Villains: The Columbian Neckties

(From Left to right, CCW) Mr. Wender, Mr. Corsair, Ticklebug, Ms. Valeda, Mr. Punchdrunk, The Broker, Mr. Green, Johnny Caesar, and Paith)

The Columbian Neckties are a supervillain group for hire. For the right price, they will topple a specific government, raid Ft.Knox, figth a super hero group or even kill anyone they are pointed at. They get their name from the fact that, per the leader's request, they all wear ties. Also, they work out of a large coffee shop; specializing in columbian blends.

Mr. Corsair was the first to form the group with his cohort, Ms. Valeda. Valeda worked with him running gun in Europe. Her superpower is her brain. She has a brain capable of keeping track of whoever, whenever and whereever the Neckties do business with. She forgets nothing. She was the one who helped Corsair build his group. They are as follows:

Mr. Punchdrunk = The strange man is Corsair's muscle. He enjoys beating people to a pulp. For his uniqueness, he wears the skull mask complete with Jester hood.

Mr. Green = Taking his name from a classic movie, Green became Corsair's resident genetist; turning himself into superhuman green man and giving Corsair a present; his laser hawk named Columbus.

Ticklebug = The strange being that inhabits the floating voodoo doll was named Ticklebug by Ms. Valeda. It shoots powerful lightning bolts from it's eyes. Exactly HOW powerful it is, no one is sure.

The Broker = Information on The Broker is sketchy. All that is known is The Broker speaks for Corsair on various assignments. Most everyone can not disagree with the man and supposedly, that is his power.

Mr. Wender = The Ghost who walks within men. The strange being said he followed Ticklebug from the "the other side" and once he was among the Neckties, Corsair gave him a job. Wender did not refuse and now moves from Employee to employee; inhabiting whatever body that suits the job.

Johnny Caesar and Paith = The disc creature known as Paith was a former celestian who walked among the Ancients. He made the mistake of falling in love with Mina Alex who was the daughter of the powerful Shartor; Lord of the Ancients. He cursed Paith to live in the form of the disc; unable to please Mina nor any woman who would come before. The sorceress took pity on him as she could not love him; she gave him enough power to function. Paith took that power and turned mobster Johnny Caesar into his mindless slave; replacing his head with a stone carving of Julius Caesar as a joke. Seeing the evil that he had done in the Columbian Neckties, Mina vowed to correct her mistake and put Paith away once and for all.

Hero: The Wolf Spider

Daniel Tanner was a former cop who pursued a murder supsect into the Triadix Building. He managed to corner him into a room but not before the criminal shot him in the shoulder. Tanner was thrown back onto a DNA Splicer that Triadix was creating. The jolt from his body caused the computer to malfunction and then inject him with two types of animal DNA: the wolf and the spider.

The fusion chemicals began to bond with his blood and in 28 hours; Tanner was transformed into something super human. The combined animal DNA gave him a unique assortment of powers. Super hearing, super smell, enhanced sight, enhanced strenght, enhanced leaping and static cling to walls and objects.

Tragedy struck Tanner as his partner was killed by the exact same murder suspect he failed to capture. Believing that the city's justice system could not help him catch the murderer, Tanner adopted the guise of The Wolf Spider and became the city's newest super vigilante.

Rumors surround the murder suspect that it's everybody from his own brother to a known super villain mastermind. Regardless of who he is, Wolfspider will not rest until he is found.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Villain: The Summoner

Gabe Pairish had been picked on his whole life. Always the blunt end of a bully's attack. Then one day he stumbled one a nearby superhero/supervillain fight. It was Red Victory going up against Addor, the Ice Mage. Red Victory was able to defeat his foe and as Addor fell in battle; his spell book, The Hagan Crest, fell just a few feet from Gabe. The young man took the book and ran.

Learning it's secrets, Gabe began to punish all those who had stood against him. Conjuring monsters and unleashing Ice spells became his speciality. Gabe would then be known as The Summoner.

Heroes: The Femme Fatales

(From Left to Right, Freya and Susie-17)

Taking the name of the great female hunter, Audrey Sinclaire took up the hero-mantle from her deceased father; The Black Arrow. During a raid on the HorrorSmith's synthehuman factory, she managed to wound the vile villain before he left in his submarine. As a fail safe, the sythedic humans began to perish one by one. Freya managed to save the last "Susan" model before the kill-switch hit her. The clone then became the warrior' unoffical "little sister": teaching her how to fight villains like the Horrorsmith.

After Freya's betrayal of Omnicron and his vigilante team Extreme Predjustice; she felt she couldn't trust any hero outside Metro City. She then took up a mercenary job; going after bad guys for a price. Susie-17 joined her, proving to be the one true friend Freya had left.

Villain: Red Hand

The psychopathic villain is one of the few Ancients left. He takes pleasure in inflicting pain on his victims by severing limbs before they perish. His main goal is to destroy Mina Alexa, making him her sworn enemy.

Hero: Mina Alexa

Mina is one of the last of the Ancients. She's watched over mankind for hundreds of years; immortal and wise. She doesn't go into battle unless she has to. She will defend against any threat but prefers to advise the others heroes in their job of protecting humanity from the threat of villains, demons and various warlords.

Villain: Praxus

Praxus is a demon-warlord of the Old World. He re-awoke in modern times and took the form of a person he saw; in this case, Toby Maguire. :)

Heroes: The Drop Squad

(From Left to Right, Counter-clockwise)

Fireball, Sludge, The Canadian, Blue Thunder, Diamond Love and The Gryphon.

Art Project: Universe Z

Hey, everybody

For those who still frequent my blog, I hope the upcoming pictures will prove entertaining. I was inspired to create this project based upon a special random generator Note my brother sent me in Facebook. It allowed to create a "Debut Album" based on some random notes. It was so much fun I decided to use a set of random words to help me build a new Universe of superheroes and supervillains which I have named Universe Z.

The rules of this project are simple. It has to be random. I obtain pictures from random means, by searching my clipart stash and other pictures I've collected over the years by scanning or search engines. I'm allowing myself to obtain pictures through three constant words = superhero, costume and profile. To make it more interesting, I'm going to allow anybody else to contribute based on Eight random samples on one criteria. The list is below.

Name of an Actor
Name of an Actress
A color
A word refering to something "sci-fi"
The name of a weapon
a letter
A number between 50 and 100
A number between 1 and 10

My brother has already contributed to the project. Below is what he gave me.

Jude Law
Cate Blanchett

Now I take these names and plug it into the Google image search. The number between 1 an 10 is what determines what page I choose. In John's case, it was six. I'm allowing myself to download whatever image happens to be on page 6. Then combine all of them into what I can do in Photoshop to make it more Hero-ish or Villain-ish and build a new world from that.

It's a little complicated but I've got a handle on it. :) If anybody wishes to contribute, you know how to reach me. Look above for the criteria and send me your choices. Above are already pictures I've made based on the Criteria I am using.

Hope you enjoy my new series. I know I will because I am happy to be inspired again. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Road to March Trivia Madness begins

Another year has arrived for the trivia tournament known as March Trivia Madness. I'm not sure how long we've been playing, 8 years, maybe? At any rate, this is another attempt to take home the trophy. Hell, after all this time, I'd be happy with either second or third.

Last night me and John did an all nighter; two trivia games in one night. It started out at Amici's in Athens and let me tell you = Amici's at 6pm is MUCH BETTER than Amici's at 8PM. Only the trivia crowd was there. The drinking crowd comes at 8 and they don't normally play trivia. This was a much better experience and I look forward to going back.

Allen's, I'm not so sure off. Definitely the food smelled better but sitting on a stool for 2 hours doesn't do your butt much good. Not to mention they never served us. Never even asked if we wanted a coke or something. We were felt guilty over the fact that we were stuffed from earlier and were not going to order any food anyway. But thanks to their lack of interest, our fears were un-justified.

Regardless, we've become the tournament. We'll see where we go from here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

For Sandi

Perfect stress relief for Peak Season

Thursday, January 15, 2009

For the New Peak Season

we have shock and awe