Thursday, April 2, 2009

Character Profile: Jason Stone

The lowly barbarian known as only as Stone was given the vision of the twenty ancients. He met with all of them that day on the mesa and was given the power by the Sky Lord. He asked what his destiny would be, now that he was given power beyond mortal men. The Sky Lord simply told him, "His destiny was loyalty and his purpose was to serve a cause greater than himself."

When Atator showed that he already knew more about their powers than any of them, Stone realized that was what the Sky Lord. It was his destiny to be loyal to Atator. Stone would then follow him throughout the years with complete loyalty. Before joining him, as did eight others, they swore alliegance to Atator and Mina.

It would be several years before Stone had a conversation with Atator about his name. The wise leader told him it would be prudent to be remembered as something "other than a rock." Stone woudl then adopt the first name of Jason; after a preist he befriended during his time in Rome. Jason's greatest quest when he would take his band of Superiors, known as the Argonauts, and quest after a fabled Golden Fleece.

Jason would become one of Atator's trusted lieutenants in his group called The Lords of Justice. They went on to such famous events as defending the christians against Decius and the gothic invasion of 252 A.D., standing by Charlemagne when he took power in Europe, helped form the first Knights in 912 A.D., and assited many Superior immigrants with helping to build New York City.

Probably his most famous historical moment is the Shoot Out at the OK Corral. Jason and his friend Zack Shock were joined by Doc Holiday and the last surviving Earp brother Morgan to finally bring peace and justice to the town of Tombstone. Jason had to help Holiday and Morgan to avenge the death of their brother Wyatt in Dodge City when he was electrocuted by the super villain Thunderclap.

Jason Stone is still a valued Lieutenant in Mina's Justice Lords. He is one of six Ancients left.

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