Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heroes: The Honor Guard

(Left to right) = JackRabbit, Liberty, Rock Fighter, and Mandroid

It was a fateful day at Bryce Labs, when the Horrorsmith broke and took a large assortment of dangerous chemical. His minions attacked any and all in his way. Two of those men were scientists Hershel Boyer and his friend Kyle Murray. Boyer was thrown into a rack containing a tremendous amount of experimental formulas, mostly of his own design. It it unknown what chemicals affected him but Boyer's skin mutated to the point where contact by most forms of light caused his skin to welp and burn; even during long durations, catch fire.

His friend Kyle was even worse. He tried to stop the creature know as Behemonth but the beast replied to the man's courage by throwing him threw a concrete wall. The scientist was alive but the majority of his limps were crushed in the impact. The limps didn't matter any more becaus Kyle's spine was shattered in several places.

Boyer decided to use his intelligence to help his situation. He built a suit that was able to counteract the effects of the mutation, allowing his skin to be exposed and not be harmed. He even augmented the suit, giving him quite a leaping ability. He then placed fake ears over his hood and called himself JackRabbit. None of the villains ever take him seriously and that's how he beats them.

JackRabbit helped his friend by building him a cyborg, robot suit. Kyle was then transformed into the Mandroid.

Seeing how he could easily become a superhero and help the world, JackRabbit enlisted the aide of his daughter Sandy and his nephew Matthew Nash. Using his specific formula, JackRabbit allowed his daughter and his nephew to drink from the human-enhancing syrum. It was designed to active the "super-gene" existing in all humans.

For Sandy, her body changed and gave her class 9 super strength. Always wanting to help her country in the political arena, she decided to take a more active approach, fighting super villains. But always with the love of America, she made a costume appropiate to her beliefs and chose the name Liberty.

Matthew found his powers to take another unique turn. He fought he was able to controls rock formations on the molecular level. Causing Rocks to hover and to form shields around him, he became a formidable super hero. Fighting along his family, he took the name Rock Fighter.

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