Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Band of Warriors

haven't given them names.  Just felt like being in a Dungeons and Dragons mood :)

Time Tit Sucker

In my defense, by being this bold, Jamie Lynne Grumet left it wide open for someone to make a parody of her Time Magazine cover.  Whether you believe in "attachment" parenting or not, I hope you can find the humor in what I did.  Hell, I'm still giggling over it.

First up is Clavius, the world destroyer

Second is Eggnog, the chupacabra (the classic, not the shaved coyote)

Next up is the Dapper Ghost, a recent creation.  I couldn't think of anybody else freaky enough for this cover.  I mean, Applejack wouldn't do this haahahahah!

So there you have it.  Mostly done simply because I could.  The only other Parody of this cover I've seen on Google is Jason Briggs and his wife in this pose.  Maybe this might be the start of a new kind of parody :)