Thursday, April 2, 2009

Character Profile: Atator

Born a simple rancher in the hills of Scotland, Atator was one of twenty to have a dream of meeting a powerful being in a far distance land on a mesa with no rocks or structures. The working man was amazed when his daughter finally had the courage to reveal to him she had the same dream. Atator knew at that moment he had to make the journey and bring his daughter Mina.

Atator and his daughter arrived to meet the Sky Lord; granting him and the 19 others power beyond mortal understandings. Atator spoke to the being, saying he wasn't worthy of the power. The Sky Lord begged to differ. He spoke to Atator of the power, his ability to lead and the fact that he was going to be immortal, as would his daughter. The rancher still refused the power but the Sky Lord threatened that if he didn't want the power; no one would have it. Others threatened his daughter if he didn't get the power, simply because they wanted it. It wasn't the power that scared him; it was the immortality. He had no interest in outliving his family. "My wife? My son?" he asked the Sky Lord.

"I did not summon them. Only you and Mina." the being replied, putting the matter to rest.

"Am I truely worthy, Sky Lord?" Atator asked.

"You would not be here if you were not." the being replied again.

The others called for his head and almost attacked his daugther. Three of the strangers defended him. After being near bullied into the power, Atator took it. The side effect was his eyes became completely white. The Sky Lord noted that he was the only one who had a relation in the group, the power must be past from parent to child. Atator took the power and pushed it into Mina. She was granted the magnificant power and her side effect was her hair turning a soft blue.

After everybody recieved their power, the Sky Lord vanished. Atator threatened the barbarian who would later be known as Red Hand to go back to his village and never see him again. The Psychotic tried to attack him but Atator propelled him back with a massive amount of clear force. Red Hand survived the attack but the remaining group was stunned. Within a few minutes, Atator had done something they could not.

He already mastered his powers.

After the expelling of Red Hand, Atator started to go his own way back to his village. Several of them asked to join him and knowing he would have to lead them, he made them pledge loyalty to both him and his daughter before he would agree. They had sworn.

Of the twenty that were give powers, Nine chose to follow Atator.

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