Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dragon Con Photos!

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Harley Quinn and Catwoman

Female R2 Unit

Justce League

complete with Alternate World Batman

Red Sonja

Classic Storm Troopers

"Do you know what's going on?" -------------- "Maybe it's another drill?"

The Robot

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

The Dalek

exterminate all humans!@

King Conan

at least he took the part seriously

Assassin's Creed

Rogue and Cyclops

Space Ghost

I'm sure there is a Spank Ray joke in here somewhere

Your chances of finding a seat in the Eatery

are none to impossible


Warhammer Colonel

Clone Troopers

ARe you guys too short to be Storm Troopers?

Warhammer Guys, I believe


It's a common misconception. The Aliens do like Ska. It's the Predators that like Funk

The Firefly Line

Just to show my point about how popular Firefly is, this was the line to one of their panels. It went half way around the lobby.


not bad


Obi-Wan Kenobi

This is Jedi-J; another famous Con-Goer and he looks dead on as the famous Jedi

Interesting Design

The Disney Faction


someone give her a job. she's an up and coming actress.

Cute Elf


"Speak, citizen! Declare your alligance to the Empire."

Star Wars Candid

She left the moment R2 said, "Hey, baby."

Big Barda

Exceptional Costume

We even have our Demons

A Big Fan

Mystique and Poison Ivy

A character from the Venture Brothers

I can't say her name. Look it up. LOL

Soul Calibur Babes

These two fabulous ladies are renown costume Con-Goeres. Mz. Mars on the Left, Bellchere on the right. Here they recreate Soul Calibur video game costumes perfectly

Mr. Sinister

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Great job, guys. You even seem to be portraying Dorks like the characters you are doing

Green Lantern and Nightwing

I'm tempting to photoshop this up. Great pose

The Red Skull

and some minions


And his thunder . . . .paddle.

Anybody seen Hancock? :)

Candid Star Wars

It was a funny moment because the poor Storm Trooper you see on the left got "trapped" in the photo spread, he was just trying to get his food back to his hotel room. He said, in his storm trooper voice, "does anybody realize I'm holding a pizza?"

The seasame street creature

forgot their names though

The Joker Crowd

they were all over the place

Don't Borther Dirge, man

he's texting

70's Heroes FTW

Afro Samurai

The Jedi Family

I love the lightsabers in low lighting

The Scene of the Crime

There was a group of kids hanging around a balcony area at the Hyatt. They were getting ready for their costumes and then I saw this after they left. It's fake blood; they were being zombies. However, the guy from Homeland Security couldn't take the chance. He called up his CSI team to clean it up. :)