Monday, March 16, 2009

Hero: The Wolf Spider

Daniel Tanner was a former cop who pursued a murder supsect into the Triadix Building. He managed to corner him into a room but not before the criminal shot him in the shoulder. Tanner was thrown back onto a DNA Splicer that Triadix was creating. The jolt from his body caused the computer to malfunction and then inject him with two types of animal DNA: the wolf and the spider.

The fusion chemicals began to bond with his blood and in 28 hours; Tanner was transformed into something super human. The combined animal DNA gave him a unique assortment of powers. Super hearing, super smell, enhanced sight, enhanced strenght, enhanced leaping and static cling to walls and objects.

Tragedy struck Tanner as his partner was killed by the exact same murder suspect he failed to capture. Believing that the city's justice system could not help him catch the murderer, Tanner adopted the guise of The Wolf Spider and became the city's newest super vigilante.

Rumors surround the murder suspect that it's everybody from his own brother to a known super villain mastermind. Regardless of who he is, Wolfspider will not rest until he is found.

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