Monday, March 30, 2009

Villains: The Evil Alliance

(From Left to Right = Silverwolf, Bladeghost, Bobby Apollo, Dr. Disastros, Icky Thump, Captain Strike, Dark Ghoul, and Horror Girl)

Dr. William Hayes became a brilliant scientist at an early age. He was expelled from the scientific community for wanting to experiment on humans. He was certain he could enhance super strength in humans. Unable to find any willing subjects, he tested it on himself. He was sucessfull but there was a side effect; manical behavior. Hayes slew all the scientists who said it couldn't be done with his bare hands. After he was able to calm down, he knew what he had become but still offered no regrets. It was then Hayes became Dr. Disastros and formed the Evil Alliance.

Silverwolf -- A Superior who was infected with a werewolf virus. He sparked at the same time he was biten and gave him strange side effects; he kept his intelligence and had a unique immunity to silver.

Bladeghost -- Paul Reed was an average security guard at the Smithsonian. Until he had to handle delievery of the fabled Necros Blade. What he didn't know is the blade contained the spirit of the warlord Treconda that the great Atator killed so long ago. Once he touched the blade, Treconda had taken over Paul Reed and Bladeghost was born.

Bobby Apollo -- Bobby was on his way to becoming a gangster. During a firefight with a rival gang, he found he had a unique gift; a healing factor. He took the name Bobby Apollo after he survived the assault and later, he realized he could have higher goals to be a super villain. Dr. Disastros was eager to hire him.

Icky Thump --- Dr. Disastros helped out the wizard Demonius with the Super Force Five. As a symbol of his gratitude, Demonius summoned a little goblin in a bunny outfit for him a pet. Disatros allowed Bobby to name the creature and he chose, Icky Thump, after his favorite White Stripes song. It amuses Disastros to see the little goblin attack his enemies like a wild wolverine.

Captain Strike --- Captain Jon Valentine earned a reputation a cold blood killer. When started to execute civilians in foreign countries, he was dishonorably discharged. When he got work as a mercenary, he was trapped by american forces. He wanted out desperately and that thought activated his super gene. He teleported to saftey. He continued his mercenary work, making it easier with his powers. Dr. Disastros was so pleased with his resume, he made him second in command of the Evil Alliance.

Dark Ghoul --- There is nothing magical about the Ghoul's powers. He can shoot a forcebolt from his right hand and a paralyzing bolt from his left. He was a punk who believed in the "dark forces". His low self esteem problem made him easily maniuplated by Disastros.

Horror Girl --- Jane was a former mental patient and Bobby's twin sister. She says his healing factor power. Bobby broke her out of the hospital, allowing her to work in the Evil Alliance. She's been a fan of horror movies, especially the blood letting. She even dressed up as her favorite villian, Freddy Kruegar. Due to her love of inflicting pain, it was no surprise she formed a relationship with Captain Strike.

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