Saturday, March 14, 2009

Art Project: Universe Z

Hey, everybody

For those who still frequent my blog, I hope the upcoming pictures will prove entertaining. I was inspired to create this project based upon a special random generator Note my brother sent me in Facebook. It allowed to create a "Debut Album" based on some random notes. It was so much fun I decided to use a set of random words to help me build a new Universe of superheroes and supervillains which I have named Universe Z.

The rules of this project are simple. It has to be random. I obtain pictures from random means, by searching my clipart stash and other pictures I've collected over the years by scanning or search engines. I'm allowing myself to obtain pictures through three constant words = superhero, costume and profile. To make it more interesting, I'm going to allow anybody else to contribute based on Eight random samples on one criteria. The list is below.

Name of an Actor
Name of an Actress
A color
A word refering to something "sci-fi"
The name of a weapon
a letter
A number between 50 and 100
A number between 1 and 10

My brother has already contributed to the project. Below is what he gave me.

Jude Law
Cate Blanchett

Now I take these names and plug it into the Google image search. The number between 1 an 10 is what determines what page I choose. In John's case, it was six. I'm allowing myself to download whatever image happens to be on page 6. Then combine all of them into what I can do in Photoshop to make it more Hero-ish or Villain-ish and build a new world from that.

It's a little complicated but I've got a handle on it. :) If anybody wishes to contribute, you know how to reach me. Look above for the criteria and send me your choices. Above are already pictures I've made based on the Criteria I am using.

Hope you enjoy my new series. I know I will because I am happy to be inspired again. :)


Sam said...

1. Harrison Ford
2. Nastasha Richardson (memorial tribute.
3. Lavender
4. Hedwig
5. 64
6. 4

Sam said...

oh I forgot the weapon...a super 8 cassett tommy gun and a letter S