Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heroes: The Brotherhood of the First

(From Left to Right = Samuel Morningstar, Cameron Black, and Gabriel Raiz)

Atator, first of the Ancients, formed the Brotherhood of the First shortly after the Crusades. As many years past, the Brotherhood became a governing body in England. Much in the country's prosperty didn't go on without their say so. Their job was to protect the people from otherworldly and super villain threats. Many of these Knights were superhuman human; others were magicians and even some were just humans but believed in Atator and the code of the Brotherhood.

Many years went on; the Brotherhood embraced science and technology; allowing them to improve their abilities to see everything that needed to be seen. To continue their ideals to protect mankind.

The Brotherhood of the First's numbers excell into the thousands, with branches from Japan to America. The American Station is run by three men; Morningstar, Black and Raiz. Those are not their real names; when one joins the Brotherhood, the first thing they do is choose a new name for themselves, thus leaving their old lives behind in the service of mankind.

Morningstar as the ability to phase through solid matter and has only been a First Knight for three years. Black is a powerful energy manipulator. He adhears to the code of the Brotherhood but secretly wishes to punish the evil of the world more severely. The leader of the American chapter of the Brotherhood is Gabriel Raiz. Raiz is an expert marital artist and his only power is visions of the future that appear to him in dreams. He's improved his standing in the order by taking on magic spells; taught him him by none other than Mina Alex herself.

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