Thursday, April 2, 2009

Character Profile: The Ancients

The year was 211 BC. Across the world, twenty people were having a special dream. A dream that told them they needed to go to a far away land. They saw a vision of a man with a staff and an intricate cloak. He held out his hand and it was glowing with a white light. They had this vision over and over, telling them where to go. These twenty embarked on their journey. They came from all walks of life. A noble rancher and his daughter from the hills of Scotland. A weakling slave; escaped from his masters in Greece. A violent barbarian from the hills of Russia. A monk from the coast of Japan. A hunter from the plains of Africa. A soldier from the streets of Rome. All across the globe they had come and all had the same dream.

Twenty days and twenty nights past, they arrived on the vast mesa. They didn't know where they were but they knew they were in the right place. Each of the twenty people didn't know each other and yet, they all knew they shared the same dream. With the eruption of lightning, the One they sought after had arrived. Some say he stood six feet tall; others say it was nine feet. He spoke to them in a bellowing voice, saying they were chosen to shape the world into something extraordinary. Most of them were afraid of him. All except one, who spoke to him first. The roaming scottish rancher known as Atator.

He didn't know the name of his all powerful benefactor, so he simply dubbed him "The Sky Lord." He asked them why they chosen. The Sky Lord said because they were the only ones worthy. He even informed Atator that he would be the one that they would follow. The rancher wasn't expecting this. He informed the stranger that he didn't want the power. The Sky Lord replied with saying, that's precisely why he was chosen. He would be the one to temper wisdom and avoid corruption.

The Sky Lord then informed them all that with the power came a price; immortality. For some, it was everything they wished. For others, they weren't inclined to live forever. Atator looked at his young daughter and knew, she would live forever with him. He still refused the power but the Sky Lord decreed that if Atator did not accept the power, no one would. Several of the twenty yelled at him, bullying him and even threatening his daughter to make sure they got their share of power. Three of the twenty defending the little girl immediately. Atator knew at that point he had to take the power. To control the destiny of the world to become. Atator accepted the power and was the first of the Ancients.

Once every one accepted their power, the Sky Lord told them their destinys. Then he disapeared into another thunder clap, never heard from again. Most of the Ancients went back to their corners of the world to fufil their fate decreed by the poweful stranger baring their gifts. Atator felt he had to wait for his destiny to reveal himself. He had to get his daughter home, vowing to be with his son and wife until they would grow old.

The world would begin and history would unfold while the Ancients stood by to either help or hinder.

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