Sunday, April 5, 2009

Villains: Dead Bang and Moxie

Dead Bang was a hired Superior for the Gratnetti family. For several years he guarded the Don and his son. It was until Don Gratnetti desided to star hiring other Superiors. One of those was the super strong lovely Moxie. The Don took a special liking to her, as did Dead Bang. Most of the affections she gave to Gratnetti were just for show but it was Dead Bang she loved.

When the Don found out about her true feelings, He ordered his remaining Superiors to kill both Dead Bang and Moxie. One brute, Hotwall, felt a long standing freindship with Deadbang. He told him ahead of time what the Don was planning to do. The Superior found the Don in his pool and muderered him; taking Moxie on the run.

The duo have been called the "Bonnie and Clyde" of the Superiors. They don't struggle for world power or even fight super heroes for the hell of it. They enjoy robbing banks and look forward to getting 50 million to retire on.

But it won't be easy with the heroes after them, as well as the son of Don Gratnetti.

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