Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heroes: Hawk Trask and the Unstoppables

(from left to right = Shock-Jack, The Bombadeer, Mercy Mercury, Hawk Trask, Shade Specter, Six Gun Sally, Deacon and Buddy)

FBI agent Hawk Trask joined the narcotics division 10 years ago. It's been his job to bring to justice crime Lord Antonio Bentelli. Bentelli had been experimenting with designer drugs and created such addictive chemicals as Nether-Blue and Will O'Wisp. Finally catching a break, Trask and his group set out to finally put an end to this crime lord. When they arrived, they were facing a problem they weren't expecting. Bentelli had employed Superiors.

After the assault, Trask was only one out of three men who lived. His back was broken by the super villain Cobra Fist. Spending the next two years learning to walk again, Trask set out to make things right for him and his fallen men. FBI officals granted him a special organization. The Lakewood Act was lifted and Trask would be doing what no one had done since the Carter Adminstration; a human leading a squad of Superiors.

They are:
The Bombadeer --- superhero who watched his younger brother overdose on Nether-Blue. The Government contacted him about the division and he agreed to join before they ever finished explaining.

Shock Jack --- Young superhero and teen throb; he made the mistake of getting caught with a married woman. To regain his reputation, he joined the divison to help fight the druglords. At first it was all about becoming a hero again; now he sees first hand that he can't stop the good fight now.

Mercy Mercury --- Mercy followed in the footsteps of her superhero father Volcanus. She didn't want to be just fighting villains; she wanted to make a difference. So she joined Trask's group.

The Shade Spector --- Little is known about the shadow creature. Nor why he turned on his master The Anarchist. Special FBI scientists believe the creature could no longer abide the mass murder the villain was famous for. Able to solidfy and exist as smoke, the creature needed a strong willed person to tell it what to do. That man was Hawk Trask.

Six Gun Sally --- Growing up in Texas, Sally mutated and found she had hollow bones. It allowed her to move faster and more accurate than other people. Her father taught her to use guns, because he was a hollywood quick-draw specialist. Sally decided to be a superhero. However, in a fire-fight with some villains, she made a mistake and killed a cop. After serving four years for manslaughter, the FBI offered a position with Trask's group.

Deacon --- Deacon is a sythehuman; from Horrorsmith's factories. The government rescued him and kept him secure from all humanity. When the time came to offer him a role in the division, Deacon asked them for one thing; full rights and citizenship in the United States. The FBI agreed.

Buddy --- Buddy's true name can't be prounced. The FBI gave him that name when they needed something to call him. The alien is an advanced telekinetic; something the humans haven't had a in a long time. Buddy was a former slave to the Hetconian Empire that came to take over Earth in the Alien Army War of the mid-80's. After being freed by the superheroes, Buddy was taken into Bureau custody. Like Deacon, his price for joining Trask's group was full citizenship in the United States.

The Unstoppables obtained their name from a local newspaper describing them after their fourth successful drug raid.

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