Sunday, March 22, 2009

Villain: Honey Bee

Jane Shaffer was a down on her luck So-Cal Princess who got kicked out her rich family home because of her ability to spend her family's money faster than they ever could.

As she was able to find a new apartment, she began to explore the stuff left behind by the previous tenant. Little did she know, one of the boxes contained one of the fabeled 47 Wands of Power; transforming her into what she could call herself; Honey Bee.

The wand she possessed once belowed to the famous villain Queen Bee. Like her, Honey Bee now possessed her powers. Flight, class 7 super strength and the most important power; subjication through phermones. Honey Bee can pretty much make any man fall in love with her and do what she says. She's been thrawted in her attempts to steal money, jewlery and other things she wants by the female superhumans of the world.

Honey Bee has not killed anyone but she is wanted in connection for several dozen robberies.

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