Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hero: Baten

The mad scientist Dr. Eclipse had been making cyborgs and various monstrosities since the fifties. His last series of walking weapons were the BA series or "Bad Ass". He designed these killing machines to withstand most forms of punishment. He was having difficulty finalizing the cyborg; making it difficult to maintain his configuratio of all known forms of combat, martial arts and every known method to kill someone.

He tried his ninth model, known as BA-9. He sent it on a killing spree in a shopping mall, killing 38 innocent men, women and children. Dr. Eclipse's assitant Emily Costa didn't know he was going to take it that far BA-9 was destroyed by the Justice Lords before Eclipse could ever retrieve it. As he began work on BA-10, Emily programed something into the cyborg that the mad scientist wasn't expecting; Emotions.

When BA-10 was brought online, Eclipse could see he was acting strange. When he told him what he was going to be doing, The cyborg responded by snapping his master's neck. Emily explained the cyborg why she program him to feel regret, remorse and retribution. She told him what the doctor had done and how she regretting not being strong enough to stop him until now. Ba-10 agreed; they had a lot to make up for.

BA-10 began to find all the monstrosities his master had created for other villains, and destroy them, with Emily by his side to keep him functioning. BA-10 became well known in the super hero community and it was Mina's suggestion he create himself a name based up his designation.

From that day forth, he was known as Baten.

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