Thursday, April 2, 2009

Character Profile: Mina Alexa

Most children at the tender age of 11 never expect to be granted power beyond belief. Mina was fortunate that she would have her father to guide her.

She stood with him that day while the Sky Lord handed him the energeric power and Atator gave it to her. Her hair was turned into a soft blue. She enjoyed it and thought it was pretty. Most everybody else who was not there with her that day thought otherwise. She was mauled by a crowd of fearful peasants. Mina then wanted them all to get off of her. When she wished such a thing, a wall of unseen force shot them all back. The peasants knew that day she wasn't a little girl anymore; she was Superior.

Mina saw that she accidentally hurt one of her childhood friends who was attacking her. She rushed over to him and laid on him; crying that she wanted him to be better. Once she wished that, her hands began to glow and his wounds were healed. The people of the village were still fearful of her that day but her childhood friend was the first of many converts to come. He stayed with Mina and learned about the Ancients. Mina was him when old age finally took him. She remembers him fondly to this day.

Mina grew to womanhood as the Sky Lord predicted she would. Even though she would be immortal, she would always look a beautiful 30 years old. Following the guidance of her father, Mina felt it was her destiny to protect and aide mankind. She knew her name "Mina" meant "Love." She adopted her own unique last name of "Alexa", meaning "Man's Protector." She would uphold her personal vow of "love and protect mankind" for years to come.

Mina would leave her mark on history along side her father for many hundreds of years to come. She stood with him against the Roman soldiers as they defended Jesus from persecution to helping St. Patrick return to Ireland to painting with Michealangelo to helping defending Tesla against Edison.

Mina lost her taste for war during WWII when Hilter found the staff of the Sky Lord and removed her father's powers; then killing him. After getting her vengence, the Lords of Justice was disbanded by president Roosevelt. It would be nearly 30 years before Mina would reform a group of Superiors to fight for justice and the freedom of mankind.

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