Monday, March 16, 2009

Villains: The Columbian Neckties

(From Left to right, CCW) Mr. Wender, Mr. Corsair, Ticklebug, Ms. Valeda, Mr. Punchdrunk, The Broker, Mr. Green, Johnny Caesar, and Paith)

The Columbian Neckties are a supervillain group for hire. For the right price, they will topple a specific government, raid Ft.Knox, figth a super hero group or even kill anyone they are pointed at. They get their name from the fact that, per the leader's request, they all wear ties. Also, they work out of a large coffee shop; specializing in columbian blends.

Mr. Corsair was the first to form the group with his cohort, Ms. Valeda. Valeda worked with him running gun in Europe. Her superpower is her brain. She has a brain capable of keeping track of whoever, whenever and whereever the Neckties do business with. She forgets nothing. She was the one who helped Corsair build his group. They are as follows:

Mr. Punchdrunk = The strange man is Corsair's muscle. He enjoys beating people to a pulp. For his uniqueness, he wears the skull mask complete with Jester hood.

Mr. Green = Taking his name from a classic movie, Green became Corsair's resident genetist; turning himself into superhuman green man and giving Corsair a present; his laser hawk named Columbus.

Ticklebug = The strange being that inhabits the floating voodoo doll was named Ticklebug by Ms. Valeda. It shoots powerful lightning bolts from it's eyes. Exactly HOW powerful it is, no one is sure.

The Broker = Information on The Broker is sketchy. All that is known is The Broker speaks for Corsair on various assignments. Most everyone can not disagree with the man and supposedly, that is his power.

Mr. Wender = The Ghost who walks within men. The strange being said he followed Ticklebug from the "the other side" and once he was among the Neckties, Corsair gave him a job. Wender did not refuse and now moves from Employee to employee; inhabiting whatever body that suits the job.

Johnny Caesar and Paith = The disc creature known as Paith was a former celestian who walked among the Ancients. He made the mistake of falling in love with Mina Alex who was the daughter of the powerful Shartor; Lord of the Ancients. He cursed Paith to live in the form of the disc; unable to please Mina nor any woman who would come before. The sorceress took pity on him as she could not love him; she gave him enough power to function. Paith took that power and turned mobster Johnny Caesar into his mindless slave; replacing his head with a stone carving of Julius Caesar as a joke. Seeing the evil that he had done in the Columbian Neckties, Mina vowed to correct her mistake and put Paith away once and for all.

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