Saturday, March 14, 2009

Heroes: The Femme Fatales

(From Left to Right, Freya and Susie-17)

Taking the name of the great female hunter, Audrey Sinclaire took up the hero-mantle from her deceased father; The Black Arrow. During a raid on the HorrorSmith's synthehuman factory, she managed to wound the vile villain before he left in his submarine. As a fail safe, the sythedic humans began to perish one by one. Freya managed to save the last "Susan" model before the kill-switch hit her. The clone then became the warrior' unoffical "little sister": teaching her how to fight villains like the Horrorsmith.

After Freya's betrayal of Omnicron and his vigilante team Extreme Predjustice; she felt she couldn't trust any hero outside Metro City. She then took up a mercenary job; going after bad guys for a price. Susie-17 joined her, proving to be the one true friend Freya had left.

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