Sunday, April 5, 2009

Illustration Friday: Talisman

Hero: Dr. Graveyard

Story= Dr. Bob Kensington had been an archelogist his whole life. He was particularly interested in demonology and mystical weapons. On a grave digging expedition to whom he thought was a possible druid mystic, he found a parchment inside the casket; revealing the impossible. He had found the body of the greatst wizard of legend, Merlin. The parchment also reveal to Kensington that inside was the famed TALISMAN OF GALAHAD. The weapon was a gift from Merlin to the knight, which had the ability to banish monsters, demons and other creatures to the far distance realm of Limbo.

Kensington had no choice but to use it, as it seemed the moment he brought the Talisman into light; monsters began to attack him. All he had to do was hold it up and the weapon did the rest. He felt he had a responsibilty to the world to make sure the weapno was used probably, ridding the world of the creature and villains that plague it.

Since his superhero career began in a graveyard, he felt it was appropiate for a superhero.

Bob Kensington became Dr. Graveyard, monster hunter.

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