Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Villain: Devil Girl

Southern Californian Pauline Crest was working hard to becoming Miss Universe. She did everything she thought she needed to in regards to her beauty and her intelligence. Much to her dismay, she was not chosen. Back stage in a fit of rage, her powers activated. Fire began to display on her hands and then shot out like flame throwers. She burned the stadium to the ground; accidently killing three people.

Pauline fled back to her home, wondering what to do. The nightly news told her the police were looking for her. She then immediately thought she should flee the country but she had an unexpected arrival that night. She never knew she would find sympathy in her old school friend Jane Schaffer, but it was mostly because she had become famed villain Honey Bee. Honey Bee told her to emprace her destiny; not run away from it.

Pauline then took up the name Devil Girl. Honey Bee even helped her out; giving her the power of flight thanks to her wand of power. Devil Girl then in effect became Honey Bee's muscle; watching her back while they stole various priceless objects. Occasionally they work solo but mostly they are partners in crime.

Contrary to popular believe, Devil Dog doesn't have any powers. He's just Devil Girl's favorite dog who she loves so much; she decided to take him with her while she destroyed things.

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