Saturday, February 16, 2008

Groan . . . .is it only Saturday Morning?

And there's still time for Napoleon to conquer Mars. >:)

Must have slept wrong. I woke up with a mild headache. Just have to sit up for a bit and let the blood flow down from my head, which really isn't that hard to do these days. I thought about posting up a drawing for Illustration Friday but the word of the week is "theory.". Not sure what to make from that. Chaos Theory? The Theory of Evolution? I'll brainstorm but if I don't come up with anything, . . .well, screw it.

Rest in peace, Steve Gerber. Not many people would know him but I know him because he was a comic book artist/writer who created Howard the Duck. I loved the comic books growing up, then migrated to the magazaines. However, mom took the magazines away from me when I was a kid. They had nudity in them. Hell, I was just 9. I didn't know any better. :) And I bought them at a grocery store. That's the 80's for ya.

I think I'll surf the blogs now. I'll leave some comments on the blogs I find, because everybody deserves comments.

See ya later

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Canadian Girl said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaa 80's!

Thanks for the blog comment! :)

You have a great blog here yourself. I hope you visit regularly. I will bookmark your blog now.