Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do I have to?

I'm sitting here. It's 6:06 AM, drinnking my coffee frap and wondering, "Do I really have to go into work?"

Answer = yes.

I get a week's long vacation in two weeks. I can make it. I can hold out. I've just gotten up and I'm already tired. It's called being burned out. But I'll make it. I'm an optimist during these sort of trying times.

Hopefully I'll get more writing done. LOST Site B is coming along nicely and I've been enjoying the ride. I'll never get famous for this work but It's helping me hone my craft and I'm doing the one thing every single wannabe writer should be doing: WRITE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Damn it. I guess I should download Picasa. I miss my Hello program; it was must easier. Hey, Canada Girl. How do you post images on your blog?

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Canadian Girl said...

hehe. How do I post images. Well.. I am at the site that I want to get the image from, I right click and go to properties. Then I copy that link in there.

I go to my blogger, go to add an image, enter the link, choose the size and position and voila! :)

Let me know if you need anything else.

As for the vhs.. I'm way past vhs. I have my dvds.. but same. I won't use bluray until it becomes more common.