Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome to Joelanta

Mostly I go to this event simply to enjoy looking around. For me, It's like walking into a museum. I don't buy anything unless it's incredibly unique.

enjoy the photos of the very creative dioramas

The Ungreatful Dead

I like the stuff like this. Very creative and very unique

Boys Night Out

Very fun stuff about the Universal Monsters

The Shadow

He knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men . . . .or at least, other GI Joe dolls :)

The Map Room from Raiders of the Lost Ark

I was the most impressed with this display

Radio Cult

local band who's doing good among the Toy Crowd

Storming the beach at D-Day

very nice

Gorilla from John Carter of Mars

I Dream of Jeannie

Working on the Railroad

Pretty impressive, but I was expecting something more elaborate

Momocon, 2012

as you can see, MUCH less crowded than Dragoncon

Vector, from Resident Evil

very cool stuff

Kids Today

South Park

Lotta Nerds with a lot of sticks

Very cool group

don't know who they are but still very cool

Cardboard Sonic

Now, this is actually the second photo I took of him. The first attempt is below and it wound up being a photobomb.

Not that I minded. hehehehe

Photobomb # 1

As you can see by the lovely lady in the bottom right corner, I didn't really care that she walked into the photo :)


Calling in an Air Strike

Draw your own Conclusions


No Clue

Very Regal Policeman

The Guild, I believe

Sgt. Frog!!!

Man, that Sgt. Frog is technically life-sized based on the comic

Rainbow Group

clearly there is a color theme here but I don't know it