Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Return of the Paranomia

Hey, guys. I must say I am happy to be posting on my blog again. I got a new reason to post too.

I was searching through all my old images that I've downloaded and saved, and came across a wallpaper series I made back in 2001. It was just a hodge-podge of pictures that I used on a special download program called Scour (now defunct) and after several days of boredom at work, I decided to combine them all into a form of wallpaper for the computer. I named the series Paranomia, after a favorite song I love. It represent the juxtapoz of all the images I'd thrown together.

Time past and I found other interests; not to mention I wasn't so bored at work anymore. :)

But then after finding the old Paranomia series, I felt nostalgic for the creation process of all these images. And times had changed; I have become very good at Photoshop. So to put those skills to use, I decided to create a new Paranomia series; hoping that these pictures will also tell a story. And keeping with the theme of wallpaper, I'm keeping them a large size so they can do just that.

All the images I have created RIGHT NOW are below this special introduction posting. Plus, one of the few originals I made to showcase how poorly my skills were at the time.


One of the original Paranomias

see how horrible it was?

And I did this with just MS Paint. I was bored, what did you expect?

Paranomia: 2010

The first of the new batch

Paranomia: Paradise Found

Paranomia: Lively Discussion

Paranomia: Friendly Skys