Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dragon-Con 2010

Photos are below. Click on any of them for bigger pictures. Enjoy, guys

Mario and The Gang

Harley Quinn

Steampunk Craft

Black Luchador

Dragonball Z and Vincent from Final Fantasy


believe it or not, this is a band. :)
Robot included

The Robot of the Band Urizen

These guys were incredibly popular. As you see, I try to get close to take a decent picture but everybody was surrounding them

Even more Robots are showing up

Dr. Weird

The Laughing Pirate

He was like, "Get over here, baby!"

and one came over

The Troopers

"Do you know what's going on?"

"Maybe it's another con."

Lady Vader and Pokemon Girl

I love the Pikachu on her shoulder, cause it looks like he's saying, "You eyeballin my women, dude?"

Old Wizard Dude

The Scooby Gang

and of course, the children want to hug Scooby

An Alien

and it . . . . .appears to be domesticated.

25 star general Zap Branigan!!!

Fiona and the demons of Netherworld

Always Packed

Of course, the Joker wants you to give blood

Poison Ivy

followed by a dead man and flanked by a squad of relaxed Spartans


can't leave the con without taking his picture


The Clonetrooper asks

Who's the fairest of them all?

Fat Jedi

They serve to protect peace, justice and to eat a lot of peanut m&ms across the galaxy.

The Sith


super Soldier Steve Rogers looks like he's asking, "what the hell are you doing, Wolverine?"

The Evil Form of Mary Marvel

Spider Man

From Margaritaville

They are from Dr. Who

Prince of Perisa Group

The Enchantress enjoys the Creative Loafing

Lego Man is in Route

Redneck Warcraft Pep Squad

"oh my freaking God, OF COURSE the Nightsabers are going to win!"

Stormtroopers prefer Pizza

The Eatery at Peachtree Center

As always, you'd be incredibly lucky to find a seat

The Marta Escalator

This is the longest escalator I've ever seen or riden

The Underground Marta station

There is no air down there. I completely started sweating just standing there, waiting for the train

The Avengers pause for a break

We salute you too, Captain America

Random Geek Milita

Purple Lantern Atom

Elvis to the Second Power