Friday, December 12, 2008

For Marcia

Recently a very nice woman named Marcia past away to cancer. I would have liked to have said I knew her very well but sadly, I didn't. I didn't know about all the good things she had done with her life nor had I known how much she was loved. I feel very blessed to have known her. She was never without a kind word to say to anybody.

As most of my friends and family know, I'm an expert at the claw machine. They also know I'm in it for the thrill of winning; not keeping the prizes that I collect. Marcia knew that and enjoyed supporting me. She was never hesitant to keep me five dollars here and there to go to the claw machine. She knew I never kept the prizes. If I wasn't giving them to friends, I was giving them to whatever child I came across. It's just the way I've always been.

One of the things I enjoyed giving to her was a complete set of Wizard of Oz Muppets. It was a scarecrow Kermit, a tin man Gonzo, a lion Fozzy and a fairy godmother Piggy. She wanted them badly. I never rested until I got her the complete set. Took me about two months but I pulled it off.

So, in honor of this wonderful woman, I went to the claw machines recently. They've not been kind I'm sad to report. Today I had a decent streak and managed to get the toys you see in the above picture. So, for Marcia and the kindness she always represented, I'll be donating these toys to TOYS FOR TOTS in her name.

May her soul shine and God watch over her family.