Monday, March 3, 2008

Who Holds The Colors?

Obtaining website addresses these days is a profitable business. Everybody wants that special link that makes them stand out. A long time ago, I went to see who holds the "colors" website to see what they were. I decided to revist that little fun game I did when I was super bored. :)
Seems to be dedicated to making sure the world knows about the troubles in Africa
A dedicated search engine . . . . .for wine???
A website for ordering and a community bent around the "Scarlet" digital movie camera
An automated search for other things blue. Nobody has claimed this yet????
The main page for the company called Orange; an online stock broker firm.
Figured it had something to do with UPS, right? Not yet. At the present posting of this section, this website has been bought and is for sale.
How amusing. This website is just a giant empty background and you guess it . . .it's purple. For one a website dedicated to the actual color.
Interesting. You type that into the address bar and you're re-routed to one of those pages for those giant Entertainment books; you know, the ones with all the coupons? I guess that means they are trying to save you some "green."
A search engine brought to you by the Yellow Pages. But of course. :)
To be expected, it's a link page to several adult websites. DON'T BE STUPID AND CLICK ON THIS LINK IF YOU ARE AT WORK!!!!
An ad agency's main page, represented by these little alien dudes in grey outfits.

That was fun. I may have to come up with some more common words and see where they lead. Any colors I missed?

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Canadian Girl said...

hehe thanks for the blog comment! :)
You rock!

As for colors. I think you got them all. Unless you want to start going into shades. Like babyblue, maroon, peach etc. lol.